Church and Health Care

Many Blue Cross and Blue Shield customers in the Atlanta metro area received a letter dated March 2, 2018 stating the company will no longer make Piedmont Health System as a preferred provider.   If you live in Newman, Ga. the closes preferred hospital is in Warm Springs about an hour away.   On the south side of the metro area, Piedmont Health System has brought up most of the hospitals.   This move by Blue Cross and Blue Shield will make millions of their customer with poor health care options.

Over the course of several years, few churches have care about health care for their members or for the poor.   The Georgia Baptist got out of the health care years ago with the idea that this was not in their mission and didn’t get enough people saved.  About all you get from an evangelical church about health care is a response “we will pray for you.”

One exception to the health care situation by the Christian church has been the Catholic Church.  Pope Francis stated.  “Health care ministry will always be a necessary and fundamental task, to be carried out with renewed enthusiasm by all, from parish communities to the largest healthcare institutions.”  (Source: Catholic News Agency, Dec 11, 2017).

Another exception is the First Baptist Church of Jonesboro, Ga. offer a free health clinic called the Riley Clinic.   Information from their website state they only take uninsured patients.   Hopefully, these two Christian examples will lead other Christian communities into providing health care.

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